Senior Pastor Cary Borkert

Dear Friend,

I'm excited about what the Lord is doing at Sweethaven Baptist Church. We have become a place where young and old gather together to worship and serve the Living God. Our services stir the heart with exciting traditional music and practical preaching from the Bible. Please, come and join us soon! My sincere desire is to see God meet your spiritual needs.

Meet the Pastors

Assistant Pastor Gary Good

Born February 17, 1959, Gary had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home. He was saved as a four year old at church in Santa Rosa, CA. In 1980, Gary arrived at Pensacola Christian College where he would answer God's Call to preach, meet his future wife, and graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Bible and Biblical Languages. Shortly after their wedding, Gary and his bride, Karel Joy Kelly, accepted the call to Sequoia Bible Church as an assistant pastor. As the Goods faithfully served that and other small churches, they were blessed with three daughters and one son. In the fall of 1992 Karel went home to be with the Lord. The family moved to Urbana, IL, where Gary worked in his local church's bus ministry, children's ministry, and visitation ministry. Gary had a deep desire to server the Lord full time. His prayers brought him to Sweethaven Baptist Church in June of 2003. Gary not only works with the children at Sweethaven Baptist Church, but he is also the Bible teacher at Sweethaven Christian Academy.

Youth Pastor Jose Gonzalez

Jose was raised in Brooklyn, New York, and was saved at eight years old through the bus ministry of International Baptist Church.  As a teenager, he surrendered his life to God to work in youth ministry.  Jose prepared for this ministry at International Bible College in Stony Brook, New York, where he met and married his wife, Aren.  Jose and Aren have been blessed with two children, Matthew and Seth.  Jose’s vision is to see each youth at Sweethaven develop a close, personal walk with God in a world where it is becoming increasingly unusual to live a Godly life.  He hopes that this time of discipleship will prepare them to continue a relationship with the Lord into adulthood, since many teenagers are leaving their churches as they enter adulthood.  He also desires to teach the youth to serve Christ with their God-given talents, both in the church and in every aspect of their lives.